Sports and exercise services

Kirkkotie 13, 21421 Lieto

Immigrants are welcome to participate in all sports and exercise activities organised by the Municipality of Lieto. All the sports and exercise services are intended for immigrants and native Finns alike.

You can do sports and exercise alone, with your family or friends, or in a guided group. There are also special groups for women and children.

You can find more information about sports and exercise events in the event calendar (in finnish).

Sports clubs

Sports clubs offer sports and exercise activities. There are over 20 sports clubs in Lieto, and they offer almost 40 different types of sports and exercise. The most popular sports are football, floorball, cycling, gymnastics, dance, ice hockey, volleyball, orienteering and gym training.

You can find more information about the sports clubs on the website: (in finnish)

Website offers information on

  • sports, exercise and sports clubs
  • sports events in Lieto and Southwest Finland
  • all the sports and exercise facilities in Lieto

Sports and exercise groups

Lieto Sports Services and Lieto College organise guided groups for children, adults and seniors.

There are special sports and exercise groups for people who need special support. Special groups are provided for people who find it hard to participate in regular sports and exercise due to a disability, illness, otherwise reduced capacity or social situation.

Find more information about sports and exercise groups from here: Liikuntakalenteri ( in finnish)

Lieto Dances at Lieto Hall

Fridays at 18.30–21.30. Come and enjoy dancing to golden oldies with other music-lovers.
The dances are free of charge and open to people of all ages! Both men and women can ask each other to dance.

Swimming lessons

Swimming lessons for children and special needs children are held in June. The swimming lessons are intended for children between 7 and 16 years of age. Special needs children refers to children with reduced mobility, impaired vision or a developmental disability. Information about all swimming lessons is sent through schools.

Children’s sports event for the whole family at Lieto Hall

A sports event for children under the age of 12 years and their parents. There will be sports and activities for the whole family at Lieto Hall: an obstacle course, climbing, ball games and a special play room for children under the age of 4. Entrance 1€ per child. There will be more information about the ‘Peuhusunnuntai’ event in the event calendar (in finnish).

Escort card

The escort card makes it easier for people who need assistance to do recreational activities. Residents with reduced mobility, disabilities or a long-term illness can bring an escort free of charge to 11 municipal sport facilities and cultural venues.

The card entitles one escort to free entry to the sports and exercise facilities and cultural services of those municipalities. At public swimming halls, gyms, exercise rooms and cultural venues, the activities must be organised by the municipality. The card may not give free entry to activities organised by others even if the facilities belong to the municipality.

You can get an escort card application form at Lieto citizen’s office. When applying for the card, you must show a rehabilitation/service plan or a medical statement from a doctor or physiotherapist. For visually impaired persons, a membership card for Varsinais-Suomen Näkövammaiset ry (Association for the visually impaired of Southwest Finland) is enough.

pdf Escort card application (in finnish)

Please send your application to the following address:
Liedon kunta, Sivistystoimi/Liikunta
PL 24, 21421 Lieto.

The escort card is personal to the person who needs assistance, and must be presented at the cash desk. The escort may be a different person every time. The card is valid for a fixed term, usually three years at a time.

Sports and exercise facilities

Lieto offers good opportunities for sports and exercise indoors and outdoors. At Lieto Hall and the school, you can run or jog, mountain bike, do athletics and play football, tennis, basketball and frisbee golf.

Lieto Hall multi-purpose building is the local centre for indoor sports:
You can play volleyball, basketball, floorball and futsal, climb, run and do jumps. Lieto Hall also has a gym and a dance hall.

The public swimming hall is located in Tarvashovi, Tarvasjoki. There is also a gym and exercise room.
Address: Hämeen Härkätie 758, 21450 Tarvasjoki. Tel. +358 40 074 9103

Ice stadium The Tiileri arena is located in Tarvasjoki.
Address: Areenatie 30, 21450 Tarvasjoki. Tel. +358 50 514 6734

Lieto Gym is at the Lieto Hall.
Address: Urheilutie 2, 21420 Lieto Tel. +358 2 4873 3555 or +358 50 012 3864
You can find the gym’s opening hours and prices from here:
Lieto Hall (in finnish)