Youth Services

Kirkkotie 13, 21421 Lieto

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Youth facilities

Lieto has three youth centres for young people over the age of 13. The youth centres offer many kinds of voluntary activities for young people, and there are two adult professionals present to supervise them. The youth centre is a place where young people can play different games and meet people their age, for example.

There are currently three youth centres in Lieto:

  • Keskusta, at the address Kirkkotie 5, Lieto.
  • Ilmari (Ilmarinen), in the entrance hall of Ilmarinen School, Koulukuja 1, Ilmarinen.
  • Musu (Tarvasjoki), at the address Hämeen Härkätie 688, Tarvasjoki.

Youth groups
Youth Services organise various clubs. Current clubs: X-treme Sports, International Club, drama club, cooking club. Young people also meet to play floorball. If you would like some other type of activity for small groups, please suggest it to Youth services.

Outreach youth work
tel. +358 50 440 9884 or +358 50 439 9822
Outreach youth work helps 15–28-year-old Lieto residents who need support or guidance in different life situations. The service is especially intended for those who do not have a job or study place.

Special youth work
tel. +358 50 544 9604
Special youth work focuses on helping individual young people. It is the mission of special youth work to promote the young person’s mental, physical and social well-being and allocate the necessary measures when there is greater need.

Youth information
Youth information offers support and information for different issues connected to young people’s life. It is aimed at giving advice and guiding young people to the right services. is a website for young people, their parents/guardians and those who work with young people in Southwest Finland. It offers information, advice and opportunities to participate in things. contains information about youth services in Lieto and youth activities in the Turku region and throughout the country.

Youth Council
The Youth Council is a group for young Lieto residents who want to influence things. The Youth Council promotes young people’s ideas and develops meaningful activities for them.

Events, concerts, trips and camps
Youth Services organise trips and camps, especially during school holidays. There are summer camps for children in the summer. Trips for whole family and other activities.

More information about Youth Services events (in finnish):